about me

"Keep smiling!"



my work has nothing to do with arts and graphics, but the latter two are one of my hobbies or - let's say - interests.

at one point I started searching for the best-looking smiley-design in order to "pimp" my messenger. I found the KOLOBOK theme but was disappointed almost instantly... just a few little smileys were to be found in those smiley packages found in the internet.

so I searched some more and ended up with over 1.400 great smilies on my hard disk. my! they are sweet. unfortunately, the messenger program is not able to handle all of them at the same time, but a few hundred at least.

that is why I got them all categorised. those people who know of my large collection of smileys started asking me to send them some. as this requires time on my side, I finally decided to put them all online - now anyone who wishes to get a good collection of those smileys can search and find them all without waiting for me.