best smileys for you!

you searched the web for all those cute and funny smiles? found some but not all? tired of searching? I got them all! (well, almost...)


this site is a tribute to all those smile designers in the www devoted to KOLOBOK SMILIES and similar smileys.


my service to you:

- over 1.400 smiles all "in a box", sorted by various topics.

- updates whenever I find new smiles

- coming soon: various smiley packages for kopete messenger




my smiley-platform is now online. you will find all the news on this page. whenever there is something I think of being worth telling you, it will appear right here.


get friendlier! friend smileys are online! 31.01.2010

do something, music and sports now available... 31.01.2010

find your preferences - computer smiles aboard! 31.01.2010

this is hurtin'! bad ass smileys online now! 31.01.2010

baby, baby! aren't those kids cute? 31.01.2010

tasty smiles - everything for eating and drinking... 31.01.2010

don't catch anything! sick and dead smilies... 31.01.2010

running scared - goggling smilies... 31.01.2010

its getting warmer with summer'n'spring smilies! 28.01.2010

say good night, with the tired smileys! 28.01.2010

all innocent smiles... added 28.01.2010

make a statement! yes and no smilies since january 28, 2010

christmas time! look here: autumn & winter smiles... 01.12.2009

next level! check out the cheeky and bold smilies! 20.07.2009

now accessible: angry smiles and smileys in love! 07/2009

more smilies accessible: abashed and communication smilies! 15.03.2009

more smilies accessible: sad smiles! 08.03.2009

my green smiley page is online as well! 08.03.2009

first smilies accessible: happy smiles! 08.03.2009